Pastel Passion – Getting our Spring on!



We are getting our Pastel Passion on here at DC headquarters!

Loving the soft colours mixed with the contemporary styles that can be used throughout the house.

From the bedroom to the outdoors, you can use pastel hues to create a soft palette that bring the Spring & Summer seasons alive. You can create a fun environment for the little ones in their own space and you can also use the colours across the whole home in small pieces like accessories on the couch or a vase or frame.

Planters are also a good way to use the pastel explosion, you can mix a pastel planter in with a bold colour to soften the look.

Let’s start enjoying the sunshine Melbourne, get your pastel goggles on!

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Designers Choice is offering you an “In Home Experience”


Party Plan

Have you ever thought of becoming a stylist, what are you waiting for?

Designers Choice is now giving you the chance of creating yourself a business.

We are creating “In Home Experiences” for people in their own home or space and showing you how easy it is to recreate and achieve some amazing looks that are for your personal style.

Do you have the love for design and the vision for creativity, then this is perfect for you. Are you a mum or simply want a change of career path?

With Designers Choice the Kit is beautifully presented and the products are lovely to work with so that makes it so easy, If becoming a stylist is not your thing and you would love to host a party simply click on the image and email us for more details or call us on the Freecall  number 1800 138 026.


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Scandi by design – Bedlinen and accessories



This Look is a very popular trend at the moment, and you can see why.

The Nordic designs are simple and easy to coordinate with everything in the home, the style is pure and tasteful and appealing to any genre.

The use of wallpaper or wooden panelling and greenery is a favourite, along with fresh flowers and interesting pieces of furniture are also used as feature.

I just love the way it works with cleans fresh lines and colours that are soft yet just enough to make the impact impressionable.

We have a few pieces that are inspired by the Scandi Style creatively, I have attached some of these looks here. For more or similar styles just go to the website.


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Designers Choice for the Little Ones – Junior & Nursery


If you have not already seen these gorgeous videos that we have taken with some help of our little friends to show you the DC Junior range in a fun and colourful atmosphere with Edie & William being very cheeky and playful.

In the DC Nursery Range you will see baby Thomas playing up to the camera in his adorable fashion displaying our gorgeous Cooper Bedpack & Jensen Blue Cot Fitted Sheet Set. The Nursery range is fun and colourful and the quality like the junior range is not overlooked as the babies are important to us also.

It really was fun working with the kids as you could see in the videos and the photographer even got a handshake in the end of the nursery video by baby Thomas!

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Does 100% Cotton make the best children’s bedlinen?


Cooper Quilt Cover Set

Alexander Quilt Cover Set

Lilly Quilt Cover Set

Priya Quilt Cover Set

Jensen Yellow Sheet Set

Children’s Bedlinen’s can be made out of a variety of materials, including the latest polyesters and blends that are advertised for their ease of care. But in fact no fabric is better for your children’s bed than 100% Pure Cotton. This all natural material has a number of properties that make it the ideal choice for your child’s sleeping comfort.

All natural climate control

Because Cotton is a material found in nature, it’s naturally breathable. That means that your child can stay cool and comfortable in the summertime underneath the Designers Choice Junior Sheet Sets like Jensen that allow moisture to evaporate and the air to circulate against the skin. Yet when the temperatures drop (like now in Melbourne), sheets made from Cotton will provide a light, insulating layer between the body and the heavier blanket or comforter, trapping a layer of insulated air between them.

100% Cotton children’s bedlinen’s are also ideal for those with allergies

Does your child suffer with allergies? Do dust mites or pet dander cause itchy, watery eyes or uncomfortable rashes that make their lives a misery? If so, investing in some good quality Cotton sheets and bedding can greatly reduce discomfort because it can be frequently washed and dried on a high heat setting to kill dust mites and rid of any germs.

More softening, Less pilling

There are very few things that get better with time, but children’s bedlinen made from 100% Cotton are one of those things. They start out crisp and cool and become softer with every wash, yet they won’t pill or snag like many synthetics. Your kids will love snuggling into their bedding as much a year from the day the sheets and pillowcase were first put on their beds.

At Designers Choice we carry a complete line of Cotton Junior Sheet sets, Quilt Cover sets and Accessories in a variety of styles and colours that are fun patterns and gorgeous designs that will suit almost any décor. Don’t forget that we now cater for the baby with our new Designers Choice Nursery range also with our gorgeous bedpacks and sheet sets sold in convenient Cot size along with great accessories that match.

By the way – Take a look at the image Below sent in by an enthusiastic future Designers Choice Designer, What do you think?


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Designers Choice European Pillowcases are more versatile than you think!



I truly believe that European Pillowcases have been misused or unused for too long!! What I mean by that is that there are so many ways that you can feature the European Pillowcase. I myself like to use them on our King Bed as a bedhead, I could not choose what I wanted as my bedhead so thought why not have 3 European Pillowcases as my bedhead that I can change whenever I feel like. At the moment I have 3 Kiva Natural Euro’s as the feature bedhead and I tell you what, it has made a real talking point whenever friends have seen the bed.

This way I figure I am never stuck on one look, I can change the colours and the style to suit the bedlinen. Feature Cushions are like your jewellery on your little black dress or suit, they are the finishing touch to a perfect outfit! it’s amazing how you can achieve so many styles with just changing the cushions or adding a coverlet or throw. if you haven’t already seen the video that we posted onto our Designers Choice You Tube page, take a look at how simple our stylist achieved so many looks with the one quilt cover set – Oliver.

As you can see with the gallery of images above there are so many European Pillowcases to choose from, whether you are into pattern or plain designs that isn’t the issue it’s the base of the quilt cover set that you are matching the Euro’s back with. Just be mindful that you keep strong patterns with plainer quilt cover sets and the plain designs you can choose pattern cushions or pop colour choices to go back with.

Just remember, it’s about having fun with your style and trying new things.

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Designers Choice – How to create many looks using one Quilt Cover Set


We have created a video for you with one Quilt Cover Set, Oliver.

Oliver Quilt Cover Set is 100% yarn dyed linen with a pure cotton plain dyed percale reverse. It is finished with silver buttons on both the quilt cover and the pillowcases.

I love this quilt cover set not only for the colour but also the texture of this fabric is amazing, Oliver was a perfect way to show you how you can take a quilt cover set and turn the look into so many different styles, you can take it from modern to contemporary and for both him or her.

You will see a lot of the accessories that we have used in the video that were chosen you would normally think would not suit this colour quilt cover set, however that is why we wanted to show you how easy it should be to transform your bedroom from one look to another by simply changing a couple of accessories or adding a throw or a coverlet.

so enjoy watching the video if you haven’t already and we will be adding more just like these to show you how easy it really is.

On another note – Thank You to all of you that came and saw us at the Better Homes & Gardens Live in Melbourne last weekend it was a great fair and we really enjoyed being there to meet with the public, it was really nice to hear your lovely comments on our products.

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Why do Flannelette Sheet Sets feel so good! – How did they get here?


Derwent_Flan_QCS_McGregor_LRDo you know the answer to this question? Even though they are made from the same fabric as our normal everyday sheets in most cases, what makes the flannelette sheets feel so much nicer?

Flannelette sheets are most commonly made from cotton but they did originate from carded wool or worsted wool. Worsted wool is a type of wool that originated from a town called ‘Worstead’, the wool was derived from sheep breeds, washed and combed (longer process of course!) and used in making such things as sheets and apparel.

Flannel is a soft woven fabric, you can get brushed or non brushed flannelette, the brushed flannelette is a softer feeling flannel that is a mechanical process where a fine metal brush is literally rubbed over the surface to create fine fibres. You can find flannelette sheets sets that have the double brushing or single brushing, this basically means that either one side or both sides of the sheets have had the process applied to it.

Did you know?

Flannel has been around for as far back as the 17th century!

My how things have changed, not only for bedlinen but even for apparel, look how long the flannel shirt has been a hit for.

Don’t you just love to snuggle into your cosy, warm, toastie bed whether you have your flannelette sheets or a flannelette quilt cover set but you may be in a very trendy pair of pyjamas (they have come a long way too).

As the weather is changing – feeling the cold in the mornings now, and it is dark upon rising out of bed which I must say is making it very difficult to get out of, the flannels are looking very good!

So when you are purchasing a flannelette quilt cover set or flannelette sheet sets or PJ’s – Hey or even a shirt, remember how old the process of this amazing fabric is.

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Autumn is upon us, let’s get your bedroom cosy….



So this is the last day of Summer, can you believe it!

I know, I know your thinking it won’t be all that bad because the sun will still be shining from time to time and yes it may very well be warm also, however just the sound of the season’s name change Autumn brings about it a certain feel for a need of getting ready to battle certain cooler days or nights.

Getting ready for a throw rug or a coverlet on the end of the bed or on the side of the couch just in case your feet feel the need of that little extra warmth. I do love Autumn I must say for the changes in colours that we start to see appear in the trees, plants and flowers.

That’s why I love the caption that we used on our website’s home page “get ready, get cosy” because it’s just a little reminder of it the climate changing but it also means that it’s the time to get relaxed and cosy and enjoy the changes this amazing season brings upon us!

The Quilt Cover Set that was used in the image taken for the home page is one of our new designs called Oliver Quilt Cover Set, take a look on the website.

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Bedroom Haven



Is your bedroom your Haven?

Yes it should be, I believe this to be true as there is nothing better really than getting into a cosy bed at the end of the day and feeling absolutely comfortable, not only with the choice of mattress or furniture but also the choice of bedlinen.

The way you style the bed is an important factor and also the way you place furniture and feature items can be an aesthetically pleasing according to stylists.

Here are some handy tips that you may want to follow:

  • Symmetry is very important, make sure that you have either 2 bedside tables or a bed side table on one side and a floor lamp on the other, or like we have done here in this image we added an ottoman on one side and the bedside table on the other.
  • Have something hanging in the space above the bed like your favourite artwork or a mirror.
  • What about getting creative with the wall behind the bed, try some wallpaper as there are some amazing designs out there at the moment, choose a shade of paint that will be a feature colour or a textured wall.
  • Scatter cushions should also be looked at carefully, don’t just throw 100’s (ok maybe not that many!) of cushions on the bed. Stylists are suggesting you keep it to a group of 3 and mix & match the colours up and even match them up tonally to a throw rug or coverlet.
  • Don’t forget about your throw rugs or coverlets as they are a nice way of finishing a bed and also adding a little extra colour or colour blocking to your room!

So there you have it, I hope that you find these tips a little helpful – and enjoy your bedroom space!

Until next time……


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